September 29

Wedding Favor Etiquette

Your wedding day wouldn’t be nearly as much fun or memorable without all your loving friends and family who traveled near and far to celebrate with you. Express your thanks with wedding favors that are meaningful and will be appreciated by your guests. Don’t waste money on tchotchkes your guests will almost certainly throw away, or leave on the tables. Giving wedding favors is an age-old tradition that has evolved tremendously over the years. Today, couples are using their creativity and presenting favors that are thoughtful and personal. There are no set rules of etiquette in presenting favors, but here are a few guidelines to help you get started.

Are wedding favors necessary?

While wedding favors are not as crucial as say, the wedding cake, they are a wonderful way to thank your guests and give them a lasting memory of your wedding. A couple should definitely think about giving favors if their budget allows for them. Favors do not need to be extravagant or expensive…it really is the thought that counts.

When choosing a favor, be original and pick a favor that is meaningful to you and your family. Or if you have a wedding theme, favors are a great way to complement your theme. Personalized favors are extremely popular because it is a fun way to add your personal stamp to the wedding day. You can also look to the favors you have received attending other recent weddings to gauge current trends and fashions and get ideas, but also definitely try to be unique with yours!

How much should I spend on bridal shower and wedding favors?

Look at your budget, figure out what you can afford and then what you want to potentially present to your guests. Many couples present an inexpensive, yet personal, favor to each guest, while other couples present a more elaborate favor to each couple or family. Creativity is key here…check out our Fresh Wedding Favor Ideas series for some ideas. However, whether you decide to give one favor per guest or per couple, be sure to have extra wedding favors on hand. Some guests may want (and take) more than one or you may have unexpected last-minutes guests in attendance. Many couples also send favors to friends and family who were not able to attend your wedding.

If you are giving one favor per guest, present each gift at each place setting or as part of the table centerpiece. If you decide to give each couple a favor, label the wedding favors with the couple’s or family’s name and place them on a table so that guests can pick them up upon entering the reception.

I would really like to give wedding favors, but my budget is pretty tight. Any suggestions?

Wedding favors can be a single flower that is meaningful to the couple or a handmade paper booklet of how the couple met. The true value of wedding favors is the inherent significance behind the gift and the lasting memory guests will have of the wedding. We suggest browsing our favors sorted by price if you are constrained by a budget. Putting inexpensive custom labels, personalized ribbon or hang tags on almost anything will add the personalized touch to your wedding favors. If personalization isn’t something you want, a small gift wrapped in pretty boxes or accented with beautiful ribbon can often make a big impact. Place card holders can also double as wedding favors. Simple picture frames or place card holders are practical favors that guests can take home and enjoy.

Should I give favors to children?

Children are usually given the same wedding favor as adults, but many couples have opted to give special favors that children particularly will enjoy. Present a bag of the couple’s favorite candy in a clear cellophane bag with a personalized label that says “Life is Sweet” or something similar, or give personalized cookies, whether creative, classy or elegant, that you know the children will enjoy. Our adorable wedding bubblegum buddies are always a favorite among the little guests.

On that same note, if you are having trouble finding wedding favors that are pleasing to both men and women, consider giving each gender different favors.

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September 24

10 Ways to Help You Turn Your Backyard into Your Wedding Venue

Having a backyard means you have a certain amount of space available, but it can still be turned into a really nice wedding venue. You can have anything from a luxury wedding to a simple ceremony with friends, right there in your backyard. It all just depends on how much money and time you’re willing to spend. But the simple fact that you’re using your own land for the wedding can save you a lot of money, which you can either spend on an enhanced ceremony, other wedding-related items, or on improving your home – or in just about any way you choose. So if you like the idea of a backyard wedding, here are some ways to go about it.

1. Space can be crucial.
When you plan a wedding in your backyard, you need to consider how space you have to work with. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a dream wedding right in your backyard, it just means you have to keep the space-to-people ratio just right. Don’t be afraid to get creative and use your porch, deck, or any other areas in your back yard. You might have more space than you think when you use more than just an open grassy area.

2. Consider how the weather could affect your plans.
Weathermen are traditionally considered untrustworthy, but that’s only because the weather can change in a moment. So even if forecasts are ’sunny’ for your special day, ensure that your guests and your beautiful arrangements don’t get ‘all wet’ on your wedding day by having a back up plan (or two)!

3. Consider introducing a theme.
Thinking of a theme is the easy part – then you need to find all the decorations that will make it a reality. But accomplishing that need not be a dreaded task – instead, it can be lots of fun, especially if you involve your loved ones. With a little touch of romance and togetherness, you’ll find that creating a theme for your wedding together makes it even more unique and special. Adding all the details that are uniquely “you” will truly make your wedding your own.

4. Careful planning is key to a successful event.
A lot of people set up the main details for a wedding and lose sight of those little things that can make or break an event. Others become so caught up in settling every little detail in person that they stress themselves out and ruin the beauty of the event. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event – you want to enjoy it, not spend it worrying about relatively minor things. The solution, of course, is to delegate. People love helping with weddings, so give them a chance. One friend can help with guest parking; another friend or family member can help set up the decorations. Someone else can handle the power backups, while another can call up a service in the region to make sure you have enough restrooms for your guests.

5. Allocate a part of your budget to long-term improvements.
When you choose to have your wedding in your backyard, you might end up saving some big bucks (perhaps as much as around a third of your total budget for the wedding). These savings can be used in a number of ways. One great idea is to pour some money back into your house and yard. Some of the things you could invest in include professional landscaping, outdoor furniture, or even some best selling wooden porch swings if your house and yard allow for them. In addition to these, consider giving your lawn some TLC since it will likely be used during the big day!

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