July 9

Custom Match Boxes

Focusing less on the big day, and more on the evening right before it, personalized match boxes featuring our wedding labels are a fun gift to give friends and loved ones who not only show up to the wedding but who also make an appearance at the bachelor or bachelor party the night before.

Custom Match Boxes Custom match boxes are a fun and creative favor!

Simply peel and stick our custom-made label onto the match pack and enjoy!

Another creative use for them is to use them as the escort cards. 

Just attach a label of hang tag from them to point all the guests in the right direction.

Once at their seat you could have beautiful candles waiting for them to light. 

Even if your guests don’t smoke these distinctive match boxes are a great collectable for those who want an item to help them remember the big day or the wild night before.

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July 9

Custom Popcorn Bags Ideas

Unique Customizable Popcorn Bags for Wedding

Are you and your beau movie-buffs?

One concept worth thinking about might be to do a unique, cinema-themed wedding. It’s a little off-beat, but off-beat weddings seem to be all the rage nowadays, and the decor that would undoubtedly come with it would certainly be fun and memorable.

Custom Popcorn Bags

Unique Customizable Popcorn Bags for Wedding

That having been said, here are a few cook film-inspired ideas for the
silver-screen-themed wedding. First off, you might want to try sending out Movie-Poster save-the-
dates and later on, Movie-Ticket Invites.
If you’re at all handy with Adobe Photoshop they’re surprisingly easy to create, particularly if
you have a good image of you and your groom.
is an example of a website that makes them, in case you and any type
of digital artistic program don’t mix.

Another way to add to your silver-screen-theme is to decorate the
surrounding dinner tables with a true touch of movie-theater

Personalized popcorn bags featuring basic circle or scalloped circle
favor tags, and even food and craft labels, are the perfect complement
to any red-carpet ceremony.

The bags can be used to hold a tasty treat
for guests or light up the aisle as candle-holders.

You can find some personalized popcorn bags labels

This wedding favor idea can be used for:

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  • bridal shower favors,
  • and as unique wedding favor

Those are just a few ideas, but if anybody has any more feel free to
add your comments. 🙂

Reprinted with owner permissions.