May 15

Personalized Jam Jar Labels

It’s summer and by now those of you with home gardens and greenhouses must have a variety of fruits and berries blooming.

If you’re the type who likes to make their own jams and jellies than you’ll adore our customizable food and craft labels.

We have a variety specifically designed just for jam and jelly jars, but more can be applied to those other tasty treats you come up with during the warmer months.

Check out our wide variety of food and craft labels today!

April 7

Customized Address Labels

So you’re engaged, or maybe you proposed and she said yes.

Whichever the case, it’s now time to start planning your big day.

One of the firsts steps is sending personalized invitations announcing your engagement to friends and loved ones.  Labels on the Fly has a variety of address labels that make the perfect finishing touch to your invitations

You can customize the color and text of the address label, and even add a photographic image of you and your loved one.
If you are looking for: Return Address Labels design, Custom Mailing Labels, Custom Shipping Labels and wedding favor ideas visit to customize and print you own personalized address labels.